e u r i s

Advanced, web-based, device-independent project implementation support system of EUROIL

What is this?

This is a project implementation support system, providing safe and easy access to the project documentation, and facilitates all phases of project implementation with it's unique features.

You can have all documents you need on site:  Plans, Documentations
 3D PDFs, extended 3D PDFs
    3D PDFs for all isometries
    3D PDFs for all pipe support drawings
 Certificates, Reports

How does it work?

Drawings, 3D, MTO-Lists are generated automatically from the 3D model as PDF files.
Engineers can add technical descriptions.
Using other CAD and analysis software further drawings and calculations can be added.

Why is it indispensable?

 You can find all documents at one location.

 Web-based and device-independent

 Transparent document hierarchy

 Excellent revision control

 It has been used for many successfully implemented projects around the world