The philosophy of the company is based on three main principles a company must have in any circumstances: creativity, reliability, fairness

The form of creativity should actually appear is the aim of the company and - of course - the way it moves its organisational, technical, economical, human and other resources in inner and outer system both connections and constructions. Reliability in the company's conception means that the company takes full responsibility for undertakings in business or other matters connected with the company. Fairness is a principle that means the company would take mutual advantage of business with other parties. All in all we can say - according to the mathematical theory of games - we're not playing games 'zero sum' - we only play games favorable for both parties . Creativity, reliability and fairness is the best way of solving problems and fulfilling the needs of other parties.


Our company has more than twenty years history.

The very beginning was connected with the accepting of the new Company Act by Hungarian Parliament. The big challenge of new fronteriers was extremely interesting for many people as in Hungary as in abroad. The foundation of the EUROIL Co. Ltd. was an example for joined efforts of ambitions from the two sides of Europe. The creativity and experience were the fundament of the business activity of EUROIL Co. Ltd. during its all lifetime. For today there is already an EUROIL Network of companies operating both in Hungary and in foreign countries.


Engineering, consulting, main contracting, foreign trade ...




Business consultancy
Increasing Shareholder Value:
Business Re-engineering Programmes, focus on efficiency, strategic and operational management consultancy.

Main contracting

Realization of 'turn key' projects.

International trading:

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